Our Philosophy

At G&G Planning Concepts, Inc., our philosophy is built on the “3 Ps”:

  1. Protection First
  2. Protection Full
  3. Protection Forever

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re coming to us with some sort of plan in place: real estate, investments, insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other investment tools. Our first goal is to determine what you have, and then work with you to identify how to protect those assets using a highly defensive, tax-minded approach, and then to leverage the most appropriate strategies to help grow those assets over the long-term using a conservative investment approach that never loses sight of the need to protect what you already have.

To illustrate our philosophy, we like to use the analogy of a financial “castle”. In the middle ages, kingdoms used a variety of strategies to protect their castles: high walls, moats filled with burning lava, drawbridges to keep invaders at bay, etc. Today, while the challenges differ, we face our own modern invaders of wealth: taxes, divorce, inflation, lawsuits, elder care, premature death, and disability.

To deliver the “3 Ps”, we serve as your modern day “moat builders”, strengthening your wealth by putting strategies in place to protect your home, your investments, and your family. We work with you to select the tools, products, and strategies that are best suited to your own challenges and desires, and then work with you side by side to ensure you have the right strategies in place even as your needs evolve over time. Through it all, we strive to maximize protection, minimize cost, and eliminate the emotion of investing, replacing it with an integrated, organized approach to comprehensive wealth management.