Who We Serve

Our clients—highly successful individuals, families, and business owners—rely on our team to provide a coordinated approach to financial planning. Our goal is to provide every client with smart insights and guide them toward planning decisions that help them achieve their long-term financial goals. Our clients include:

  • Affluent Retirees
    Lump sum payout vs. annuities • Tax-efficient retirement income distribution strategies • Cash-flow analysis • Tax-efficient investing
  • Athletes & Entertainers
    Tax-focused retirement planning • Multistate tax compliance • Short- and long-term budgeting • Cash-flow management 
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Executives
    Buy/sell strategies • Business entity selection • Concentrated position strategies • Family trusts • Risk protection • Tax shelters • Succession planning • Estate tax liability funding • Deferred compensation • Wealth transfer
  • Real Estate Investors
    Active vs. passive taxation • Material participation rules • Risk protection • Tax shelters
  • Expatriate, Multinational Professionals & Legal Immigrants
    Reporting of foreign assets • Tax treaties • Dual residency issues • Worldwide vs. territorial income