The G&G Difference

At G&G Planning Concepts, Inc., we bring a lot to the table. In addition to the basics—experience in financial planning, industry certifications, and strong educations—we offer a level of knowledge and insight that comes with personal and business life experience. Our diverse backgrounds, advanced degrees, and decades of hands-on experience helping clients manage very real financial challenges have given us a deep understanding of the many often hidden factors that can impact financial success, and insights that can come only with experience and maturity.

What does this mean for you?
It means you get more than you bargained for. Our diverse backgrounds and well-rounded outlook on the world around us helps us create better scenarios designed to achieve better outcomes for our clients. You may come to us for retirement advice—and walk out the door with a new approach to investing that positions you for greater asset growth and significantly improves your long-term retirement income. You may come to us for real estate investing advice—and walk out the door with fresh insights into how timing your real estate sales and purchases can significantly alter your taxes.

Our team works in concert, combining our individual specialties—research, analytics, modeling, real estate, international tax, high net worth planning—to view your financial situation from every angle, consider your opportunities from a variety of perspectives, and help you create a well-rounded financial plan that works for you.